Hot Video Mairah On my last springbreak party we made a really hot video with my hot perfect looking girlfriends . We danced the whole night and where totally pushed up because of to many energy drinks mixed with alcohol ,lol. One of my girlfriend Angelina showed me how to dance this latin stuff called Merengue and Salsa and after a while i was getting used to this new rhythem we where having even more fun we where laughing and giggling many young guys where looking at our hot moving hips and they cheered and applauded to show them more from our dancing skills. Thats how we made a lot of male friends that wantet to hook up with us some of them even promised to come visiting us at our home towns . But none of them showed up :) maybe the distance put them off to travel so far just to see again some hot girls they met on a springbreak. So, the end of the story is , im still single and looking for my hot lover boy .


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Maira C. is my name im a hot Latina Girl from Brazil .
I like it to go to the beach when its hot weather and show off my
hot Brazilian Bikini ,it does look sexy it
makes some guys going crazy lol.
I offten play Beach Vollyball and im very good at it it helps me also to stay fit
and in a good shape a positive side effect is that i have a perfect sexy suntan.
Im studieng medicine and like after finsh my study to go to help those people in poor countries that can't afford medical health care .
Im sure this will give me a lot of experience in this profession.
Many of my study friends are hot looking perfect Girls and are into medecine as well .
My boy friend George is a very good surfer , we met at a student party 2 years back and since then we enjoy our passionate love for each other he really is a hot latin lover and i love him very much .



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Hi Im Kylie Minouge 24 years from Geneve Im in the modelling business for a Hot Fashion Girl Dessous and Lingerie Company. I travel a lot for photoshooting in different european countries. Like last shoot we had was for bikini wear , it was very hot at the beach on the cote azure. It really was hot because the temperature was nearly 40 celsius and most girls couldn't stand the heat not to say it is very hardt to work under this conditions . Some girls even collapsed because of the heat and there where no bay watch who could give to these girls first aid to stabilize there health conditions. So we called for our driver to get tons of ice cubes to cool down the girls under a big sun umbrella . After this incident happened some of the hot girls refused to work under that conditions including me . So we sat under the umbrella with our feeds in the water and relaxed waiting to continue our photoshooting a few hours bevor the sundown .


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Hot Girl Veronic Hi im Veronic im single girl 25 from Paris . Modelling is one of my hobbys and my friends telling me that im a hot girl and they describe my character as friendly and humores. Thats true im allways up for a good lough and like to give my friends some good vibes about the hot girl statment that some of my friends tell im not so sure because its allways in the eye of the beholder . At present time im studying fashion design . I often travel to Italy to get new ideas in design and fashion i think and experience that in italy are some very good creativ and young designers that makes a girl look very hot in Italien clothes . My present designer projects are Girls Bikini Design for the hot summer season .