Hot Girl

Hi Im Kylie Minouge 24 years from Geneve Im in the modelling business for a Hot Fashion Girl Dessous and Lingerie Company. I travel a lot for photoshooting in different european countries. Like last shoot we had was for bikini wear , it was very hot at the beach on the cote azure. It really was hot because the temperature was nearly 40 celsius and most girls couldn't stand the heat not to say it is very hardt to work under this conditions . Some girls even collapsed because of the heat and there where no bay watch who could give to these girls first aid to stabilize there health conditions. So we called for our driver to get tons of ice cubes to cool down the girls under a big sun umbrella . After this incident happened some of the hot girls refused to work under that conditions including me . So we sat under the umbrella with our feeds in the water and relaxed waiting to continue our photoshooting a few hours bevor the sundown .