Hot Girl Latina looks perfect in Bikini

Maira C. is my name im a hot Latina Girl from Brazil .
I like it to go to the beach when its hot weather and show off my
hot Brazilian Bikini ,it does look sexy it
makes some guys going crazy lol.
I offten play Beach Vollyball and im very good at it it helps me also to stay fit
and in a good shape a positive side effect is that i have a perfect sexy suntan.
Im studieng medicine and like after finsh my study to go to help those people in poor countries that can't afford medical health care .
Im sure this will give me a lot of experience in this profession.
Many of my study friends are hot looking perfect Girls and are into medecine as well .
My boy friend George is a very good surfer , we met at a student party 2 years back and since then we enjoy our passionate love for each other he really is a hot latin lover and i love him very much .