Hot Video Mairah On my last springbreak party we made a really hot video with my hot perfect looking girlfriends . We danced the whole night and where totally pushed up because of to many energy drinks mixed with alcohol ,lol. One of my girlfriend Angelina showed me how to dance this latin stuff called Merengue and Salsa and after a while i was getting used to this new rhythem we where having even more fun we where laughing and giggling many young guys where looking at our hot moving hips and they cheered and applauded to show them more from our dancing skills. Thats how we made a lot of male friends that wantet to hook up with us some of them even promised to come visiting us at our home towns . But none of them showed up :) maybe the distance put them off to travel so far just to see again some hot girls they met on a springbreak. So, the end of the story is , im still single and looking for my hot lover boy .